1. At the end of the first week we have reviewed
    1. Vectors
    2. Four vectors
    3. Tensors
    4. Rotations
  2. Introduced the idea of a GROUP as a collection of objects such as rotations.

                                                    i.     Members of a group can be combined (successive rotations)

                                                  ii.     Identity and inverse

                                                iii.     Combinations can be represented as a single group member (a sum of rotations can be considered as one single rotation)

  1. Considered groups of transformations
    1. Rotations,
    2. translations (space and time),
    3. Lorentz and Galilean velocity transformations.
  2. Recognized that vectors could be defined by their transformation properties.
  3. Reviewed matrix representations
    1. Row and column vectors
    2. 3x3 matrices
    3. 4x4 matrices
  4. Formulation of relativity.
    1. Four vectors
    2. Lorentz transformation
    3. Field tensor Fμν