Advanced E&M Phys 350

This semester we will endeavor to understand the classical aspects of what has become the most complete theory of physics QED, Quantum Electrodynamics. Because this is an upper level course we will pace ourselves based on our progress and problems. I would like at a minimum to cover all four of Maxwell's equations (half way through chapter 9). If we can keep up the pace we will probe some interesting applications of the theory and touch on relativity (through chapter 12).

I have prepared a tentative schedule. It won't surprise me if we are off schedule by the end of the first week. Students are encouraged to make suggestions of topics that they would like to see covered.


-weekly calendar

-semester calendar

Quizzes and homework are to be completed and handed in by 6:00 pm on the day indicated on the calendar.

-Homework assignments


The course will be challenging. It will be highly mathematical. No matter how many times I work through this material I always find new ideas to ponder and misconceptions to clear up. I hope you will begin very early on trying to establish your footing cleanly. Donít be overconfident when we review material already covered. This is the time when you should be moving to a higher level of understanding. Most students in this class cannot correctly integrate over a charge distribution to find the electric field even though this is a straightforward application of material already covered. One needs to clear up how one represents the charge distribution, how one defines the vectors of the problem and how one adds these vectors together when integrating. If you can get all the simple ideas straight even the most complex systems can be tackled (The integrals may not be solvable but they can be set up.).

 I plan to have a weekly quiz. My intention is to make the quiz a straightforward reflection of the material. If you keep up, these quizzes should be straightforward. So don't get behind. The quiz schedule for each week will be posted on the weekly web page and the tentative dates are shown on the semester calendar.

Weekly pages will be updated as the semester progresses.

 -chapter 1

 -chapter 2

 -chapter 3

-chapter 4

 -chapter 5

-chapter 6

-chapter 7

-chapter 8


Final schedule:

Friday, April 20 - Problem session for chapter 8 (return chap 7 homework).

Monday, April 23 - Review chap 7&8 or discuss special topic. (quiz 8 completed, homework done )

Wednesday, April 25 - Test 7&8: 2 problems, in class, one page of notes, math handbook, closed book.

Friday, April 27 - Review or discuss special topic.

Tuesday, May 1, 1:30 pm - Final exam, in class, 3 pages of notes, no problem solutions, math handbook.







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You may take the quiz at any time after the quiz is posted until the end of the due day on (6:00pm). However each quiz may only be taken only once. The system insures this by not allowing users to repeat a quiz.