Advanced E&M Phys 350

Chapter 4

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 Although Maxwell's equations provide the foundation of a fundamental theory they are almost useless on their own. The problem is that even though almost all physical phenomena that we observe can be traced back to electric and magnetic fields, the complexity of a first principles calculation in the presence of matter is impossible. In this chapter we will explore sound models for the behavior of macroscopic chunks of stuff in electric fields.

We began this discussion in chapter 2 when we developed a simplified model for conductors. We continue by describing a model for dielectrics.

Important ideas:



E remains the same as before we merely have to take into account the additional charges.



 For the special case of linear dielectrics

where linear means

The definition of an energy associated with fields in the presence of dielectrics is complicated. For the case of linear dielectrics that do not have thermal losses.

This not the total energy of the system. Some of the energy associated with the assembly of the charges in the dielectric is ignored. This becomes the sensible definition of energy based on the types of problems one considers.

Things to be aware of:







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