Dr. Giovanetti

We put the 'expert' in 'experiments'.

Working with two national labs and international labs, the Particle and Nuclear Physics Research Lab at JMU has years of combined experience providing excellent scientific equipment.

James Barney at JLAB during summer 2011.


G-2 Project with FermiLab

We are creating a trigger mechanism that will work with silicon photomultiplers installed on the G-2 experimental apparatus.

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12GeV Upgrade with JLab

We currently work with the team from the Jefferson Lab's Hall B in upgrading their detectors for higher energy collisions.

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Fiber Splicing and Polishing

In coordination with SOME LAB SOMEWHERE, we're finding a cost-effective way to splice and polish fiber optics.

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FRC Robotics with Harrisonburg High School

We collaborate with local high school students to create robots that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

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