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JMU, Harrisonburg VA

2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

The next Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is approaching. The closest conference to JMU will be hosted by Old Dominion University and Jefferson Lab. The conference will start with a welcome reception Friday evening, January 15, 2016, and ends Sunday afternoon, January 17.

The keynote presentation will be given by Ginger Kerrick, who is a flight director at Johnson Space Center, and will be webcast to all nine regional conferences. The Saturday after dinner speaker at Old Dominion University is Dr. Kathryn Flanagan the interim director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, which operates the Hubble Telescope.

Lodging and meals will be provided for participants who are accepted to the conference.

More information on the Old Dominion University/Jefferson Lab can be found onthe website: Websites for the other conference sites are given on the APS page at