Text Box: A selection of html commands to cut and paste into a webdesign.  --JW Rudmin, Aug 05
<HTML> </HTML> W3C Website  (HTML Standards Organization)
<HEAD> </HEAD> Heading bounds <A HREF=..//> </A> Link
<TITLE> </TITLE> Embed in HEAD <A HREF="HTTP://> </A> Web link
<BODY> </BODY> Body bounds Next three down show relative file addressing
<P> </P> Paragraph <A HREF="nextfile.htm">next file this folder</A> Go to next file, this folder
<A HREF="/Subfolder/file2.htm">file2, next folder</A> file2.htm in Subfolder
<BR> Line Break <A HREF="../Up1Level.htm> Go up 1 level </A>
<H1> </H1> Biggest heading <A HREF="mailto:snerd@whitehouse.gov"> I protest! </A> Link for emailing
<H2> </H2> Big heading <IMG SRC="c:/mypictures/me.gif" ALT="My photo" ALIGN="x"> Insert a gif, jpg, or bmp. x ={top,middle, bottom,
<H3> </H3> Small heading  absmiddle,absbotto,absmiddle, left, or right
<H4> </H4> Smallest heading, etc <BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> Creates margins
<B> </B> Boldface
<I> </I> Italics <PRE> </PRE> Preserve spaces & linebreaks
<SMALL> </SMALL> Small type <FONT  SIZE=n> </FONT> N=1 (small) to 7(biggest)
<BIG> </BIG> Big type <FONT FACE="arial, helvetica" size="4" color="red"> </FONT> General font control
<SUB> </SUB> Subscripts     (or  color = "#FF0000") Also gives red
<SUPER> </SUPER> Superscripts <DIV ALIGN= "center"> This text is centered </DIV> Center  a region of text.
<U> </U> Underline <CENTER> This text is centered </CENTER> Center  a region of text.
<TT> </TT> monospaced font <BODY BGCOLOR="red" TEXT="black" LINK="gray"> </BODY> Color specs (VLINK="" for visited link
HtmlChars.htm Character Set
<P ALIGN "right">  Begin right justify
<P ALIGN "left">  Begin left justify
<P ALIGN "center">  Begin center justify
<OL> </OL> Ordered List (numbers) <OL TYPE="type"></OL>  (type can be A,a, or I for capital 
<UL> </UL> Unordered list (bullets) letters, small letters, or Roman numerals)
<LI> </LI> List Item (/LI rarely used
<SP> Space To see Table encoding look at HtmlChars.htm in Wordpad.
<BACKSPACE> Backspace
<TH>  Table header <TABLE WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="400" ALIGN="top"> </TABLE> Table size in pixels.  Or WIDTH="80%"
<TD WIDTH ="20%">  Table data for 5 columns <TR ALIGN="center"> <TH COLSPAN="3"> "Date" </TH> Table row, text centered. "Date" spans 3 cols.